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     Summer Football
    I am looking for a team to play on this summer for football. Please send me a note if you are looking for players. I am a good receiver (suck at defense, but will play it if needed). My e-mail is I may have another guy if needed too!
    by Jason Gill (5/20/2015) [REPLY]
       Girls for our softball team
      Hi!! We are looking for 1-3 girls for our softball team. We are in the less filling league (the middle league) please email me back ASAP if you are interested!! Thank you
      by Andrea Samlin (5/11/2015) [REPLY]
        Part-Time Job in Pikesville
        My client is looking for a part-time file clerk for their law firm in Pikesville. Can make your own schedule - about 25 hours a week. Please email me if you or anyone you know is interested!
        by Jill Whitley (5/6/2015) [REPLY]
           Softball players
          We are looking for a few softball players to join our X-social team. We particularly need girls (at least 1, preferably 2) but could also benefit from having a few more guys as well. Please email me if you?re interested.
          by Kate Scagnelli (5/5/2015) [REPLY]
             Hi my girlfriend and I are looking for a team, do you still need players?
             Posted by Jason Kern (5/19/2015)
             I am looking for a team.
             Posted by Michael Steigerwald (5/20/2015)
          Looking for a Softball team
          I am looking for a Softball team to play on.
          by charles dolan (5/5/2015) [REPLY]
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