Baltimore Sports & Social Club, Inc. began in fall 1998 and is owned and operated by Mike Cray, a former construction contractor. A large part of Mike's contracting work ethic was to give the customer an excellent product at a fair price, and he continues to apply that same quality and customer service-driven work ethic to the BSSC. His goal is to ensure that participants get the most out of the best sports and social league in town.

The BSSC creates year-round opportunities for individuals to play a variety of team sports in a social atmosphere that continues into happy hours and lasts long after the games are over. It's the perfect marriage of sports and a social scene that draws nearly 7,000 participants from all over the city and the surrounding counties each year. The BSSC social calendar is filled every season with kickoff happy hours for each sport, Orioles games at Camden Yards, Preakness Infield parties and more.

Mike and the BSSC also believe in giving back to the community. The league hosts several fundraisers and sports tournaments; past recipients are included in the our partners link on our Web site. And the BSSC not only makes use of various parks and recreation centers for games, but also donates much-needed equipment to Baltimore City's Department of Recreation and Parks.

The BSSC prides itself in being the only sports club in the Baltimore/Metropolitan area to offer an opportunity to meet 2,500 new people in one afternoon. Your main goal in joining the BSSC should be to meet new friends, drink $1 Miller Lite drafts and have fun-it's that simple.

After more than 20 years of coaching and playing in many different sports, Mike knows firsthand the value of friendships made through sports-friendships that have lasted longer than any memory of games won or lost. BSSC members are encouraged not to take winning or losing too seriously; they know that the social aspects of the league are more important than a win or a loss. Remember, the BSSC's motto is: "for people who enjoy sports, but love to socialize."

Thanks for you overwhelming support of the BSSC and I hope to see you soon.
Mike Cray
Owner, Baltimore Sports & Social Club, Inc.

Featured in the following Baltimore magazine issues: "Best of Baltimore" (2000-2002), "Secrets of the City" (June 2002), "Looking for Love" (February 2003).
WBAL-TV Channel 11 Sports Segments: 1999, 2000 and 2002

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